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Club Background

Alpha Mu Omega

Three Rules Of Alpha Mu Omega

1. Do not confirm, deny or admit the existence of the secret Alpha Mu Omega fraternity.
2. There are no more rules after the first rule.
3. Neither rules two nor three are rules or regulations but rather guide lines or conventions.

History of Alpha Mu Omega

Alpha Mu Omega started out of a political science meeting, when the idea came up of instead of having a group dedicated to political change, why not to social change?  We took this idea and ran with it building greatly on Joshua Eriksons previous experiences with Alpha Kai Omega, and the example of the fraternity before us in Hamilton that died not too long ago.  ΑΜΩ officially formed in secret at midnight on Wednesday, January 31, 2007 by seven academic students from inside the campus of Redeemer University College. 

Alpha Mu Omega Founders

As this Fraternity is only in its begining recruitment stage the only officers are the 3 founders:


Nathan Bloomfield.


Joshua E. Eriksen.


Maceio Justice.